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We will never let you will never lose a client because it's not convenient to apply

Apply directly from our website

The first call to action on our website is to Apply Now. Send your customer to and they can apply directly from there.

Apply from your own custom link.

Embed your own custom link into your website. That way as soon as your customer applies it will show up on your dashboard.

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Apply through our portal

Once you’re signed up with Solaris you’ll get a login where you can check the status of all your deals, and of course, you can also submit an application through there as well.

Apply over the phone with Solaris

If your customer prefers to just call in, that’s fine. We can get all the information we need in a quick 5 min phone call.

Apply using paper

Well, we have a paper form, but we don’t like using it…

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We partner with the best to deliver the best.

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