Other energy assets

We don’t only finance solar

Same process. Different Asset.

Although solar finance is the majority of what we finance, the same process applies to any other energy assets.

We can finance Power Factor Correction, LED lighting, Batteries and more.

What we finance

Solar Systems



Power Factor Correction

Voltage Optimisation

And more...

View the cash flow

Our graph visually shows the customer how they can be cash flow positive.

Use the mobile or web app to play around with numbers and instantly generate a formal quote.

Apply without financials

Your customer can potentially borrow up to $165,000 inc GST without financials*.

As long as they meet the pre-approval criteria all that is needed is a clear credit file.

Get instant approvals

Type your customers details into our online platform and see if they qualify for instant approval (subject to credit checks).

Generate contract documents on the spot so that the whole deal is done at the point of sale.

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