• Instant $250,000 approvals.
  • No financials required.
We partner with vendors of commercial equipment. We finance their customers so that they can close more sales.

- Imraan Thanawalla (Managing Director)

How to use Solaris in 4 steps

1. Calculate quick repayments

Our calculator is designed to be quick and easy. We’ve put it everywhere, on our website, on the app store, on google play and of course inside the online portal. There’s an extra cash flow tool for solar vendors as well.

2. Submit a customer application

Processing finance is easy. Don’t let a broker fool you. The hard part is making it quick and seamless. Luckily we have automated the process through our self service portal.

3. Obtain the customers consent

We can’t do anything without the customer’s say so. They need to confirm this via two-factor authentication. If they meet the criteria they’ll then get approved instantly (subject to credit checks).

4. Get paid

It takes 24 hours for us to grant a formal approval. Once that’s done we’ll send you an email with everything we need to get you paid. Send us those documents and you are paid within another 24 hours.

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