Solaris Finance
Commercial Solar Finance.

Our primary goal is to make the process easy and headache free.


Tried and tested. We minimise any holds up to ensure a speedy solution.


We understand each business is different. We will tailor a custom solution for you.

What's the Process?

We explain it start to finish. How you go from showing cash flow positive solutions to customers to getting money in your bank account.

Why Finance?

Your customers may not ask about finance but do you ask them? Find out more about how adding finance to your offering helps you sell more.


What is the interest rate? What is the balloon at the end? What is the difference between a Chattel and Rental. We answer these questions and more.

About Us

Find out what we do and why we do it. Backed with years of experience, a ton of big name partners and a commitment to excellence.

Cash Flow Positive

It’s just a better way to frame your product.

Sure buying solar with cash still helps your customer save, but only after their payback.

To convert more sales you need to show how the customer can from day 1.

No Financials Approvals

Getting a business owner sold on solar is hard enough. Getting them to treat it as a priority is even harder.

Your customers can get $165,000 incl GST without financials. Meaning you don’t need to hassle them for anything more than you need to.

Generate Professional Quotes

Our calculator can be used to see if a deal is cash flow positive.

Play around with the numbers and generate a custom quote for your customer.

Our partners

We partner with the best to deliver the best.