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Focus On The Cash Flow

Electricity prices are on the rise but not everyone has the upfront cash to make the switch to solar


If you finance your solar purchase the savings from solar can outweigh your monthly commitment.


In fact if you do nothing you are losing money. It’s a no brainer to finance solar.


Check out our calculator to see if it can work for you.

Savings on Electricity Bills / Cash Flow Positive Financing

Why use Solaris Finance

Solar finance can save home owners a lot of money yet home owners find it difficult to make the switch.
We have access to market-leading solar finance products and can help you easily finance solar or any other energy assets.

Our residential application is completely online and takes only 5 minutes. Starting point is our solar finance calculator. Check it out.


We are partnered with a range of solar finance providers and have access to many products to assist you.


We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times making your solar finance experience as smooth as possible.


We aren't just your average broker. Our promise to deliver is backed up by years of solar finance experience.

What we finance

  • Solar Panels
  • Inverters
  • Voltage Optimisation

  • Efficient Lighting Upgrades
  • HVAC Control Systems
  • And other energy assets…

  • Energy Storage (Batteries)
  • Power Factor Correction

Benefits of Solar Finance


One of the largest costs households encounter is electricity. Investing in renewables not only helps the environment but is also a good way to save money.
You can install solar panels to generate free electricity, batteries to store your electricity and efficient lighting to save on your electricity consumption.
None of this requires initial capital investment if you choose to finance. Your solar finance can be structured in such a way that the monthly repayments are less than the energy saving. This means you will be saving money from day one!
Savings on Electricity Bills / Cash Flow Positive Financing


When you install solar panels, batteries, efficient lighting and other renewable energy technologies you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This entitles you to receive environmental credits called Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

There are two types of RECs

  • STCs are for systems up to 100kw. One STC is the equivalent of 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy. LGCs are similar but for systems above 100kw.
  • RECs, which can be described as a sort of renewable energy currency, can be bought, traded, and sold, and their value fluctuates with supply and demand.
Upon purchasing your energy equipment Solaris Finance or your solar supplier can organise the sale of the RECs on your behalf.

Solar, batteries and efficient lighting installed increases the value of real estate. There are two reasons for this, a reduced cost of electricity and a favourable perception of solar power and energy efficiency with the Australian populace.

Raise property value
If you finance any of your energy assets you could be entitled to GST and tax benefits.
Depending on the structure you can either claim GST on purchase or claim your monthly repayment as an expense.
Protect the environment with solar panels, batteries and energy efficient lighting. You will be reducing carbon emissions created by your business, while also reducing the carbon your utility plant emits in the production of the power it supplies.
The demand on energy at utility plants decreases with every home and business that uses clean energy sources. The impact of your decision to go solar could be very significant.

How To Get Started


Use our handy calculator to estimate repayments. You can also input your energy bills before and after install to see future cash flow benefits. Note: these repayments are indicative only.


Click the “request repayment estimate” to get an exact repayment and rate. We’ll need you to enter some details but once completed you should get a figure straight away.


Application is completely online and all we’ll need for proof of income is some bank statements. Only takes about 5 minutes.


Approval usually takes about 24-48 hours. Sometimes we may have to contact you again if we have any questions. Otherwise you should get an email notifying you of approval.


Loan finalisation is completed online quickly with electronic contracts and e-signatures. To finalise your finance, you’ll need to login to your account (created at the time an application is submitted), consent to our direct debit agreement, and accept your finance contract.


Now your solar supplier can being install. Takes about 24-48 hours for loan to finalise once installation is complete. Then the savings officially start.

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