Solaris Finance

Automation is our goal

Whilst other brokers focus on sales, we focus on tech. A good finance experience is about nailing the process.

Sophisticated Approval Engine

Whilst other brokers check deals manually, we can tell if a deal will be approved within seconds. It’s obviously tied in with our application portal but you can check this yourself using our handy tools.

Easy Applications

Processing finance is easy. Don’t let a broker fool you. The hard part is making it quick and seamless. Luckily we have automated the process through our self service portal.

Electronic Signatures

Who even owns a printer nowadays? Where we can, we try and make use of our DocuSign integration. Paperless is the way to go.

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Clear Pricing

Our calculator is designed to be quick and easy. We’ve put it everywhere, on our website, on the app store, on google play and of course inside the online portal.

Instant Approvals

Our proprietary approval software instantly decides where deals will get approved. Low doc approvals go up to $250,000 and documents can be generated on the spot.

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Our partners

We partner with the best to deliver the best.

Our Accreditations

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