You asked. We answered.
What is the interest rate?

Interest rates vary widely depending on loan size, loan type and the lender we use. As long as the customer can get approved the repayments of the calculator are exact. If you want a corresponding interest rate you’ll have to contact us.

What is the difference between a Rental and a Chattel?

The main difference is their tax treatment. We cannot give financial advice but an accountant can. That’s why we interviewed one. Check it out on our blog page.

Do you organise PPAs?

No. We stick just to finance.

What is the buyout at the end of an agreement?

Depends on the agreement.

For a Rental the buyout depends on the financier. Since they own the asset they will set the amount internally. This can vary from $1 to 3 monthly rentals.

Generally Chattel’s are paid down to zero meaning there is no buyout. You have the option of adding a balloon but it is very rare. This is also technically not a buyout.

When do I get paid?

After installation. Once all documents have been received funds will be transferred at the end of the next working day.

Do you organise progress payments?

On a case by case basis for deals >$100,000 ex GST.

Do I have to get accredited as a supplier?

Yes. We will get you to complete our accreditation form when you refer through your first deal. Don’t stress as long as you don’t have any skeletons in your closet you’ll be fine.

Is there any cost to me as a supplier?

Not at all. And you can use our services as much or as little as you like.

What if my customer wants to payout early?

Rental – They will pay the sum of the remaining repayments

Chattel – They will pay a discount on the interest that they were going to pay on the loan.

Am I allowed to ask my customer about their financial information?

It’s up to the customer what they provide to you. If they prefer to deal directly with the finance guys then we can speak to them directly.

No advice though! That is a strict no no.

Why doesn't the Rental Agreement state the buyout?

It’s not so that the financier can go back on it’s word to let you buy the goods.

Legally if a buyout is specified in the contract then the agreement would no longer be considered an operating lease, it would be considered a Commercial Hire Purchase (another finance agreement). This means different treatment for tax entirely.

It is common practice for the goods to be purchased at what ever the agreed upon amount was though.

What if my customer does not own the installation property?

We’ll need proof that the length that the tenancy is longer than the finance term.

Depending on amount and financier this can sometimes be confirmed verbally or the proof is not needed at all.