How to submit a deal?

Designed to be straight forward.

Step 1: Basic Information

You let us know how many applicants and the borrowing amount. Various payment terms available.

Step 2: Individual Information

The details of the people wanting to borrow the money.

Step 3: Commitment Information

The details of any loans in the applicant’s name.

Step 4: Income Information

Employment details and any other income sources are captured here.

Step 5: Monthly Expenses

Estimates of what the applicant spends per month in general categories.

Step 6: Asset Information

Estimates on the value of assets owned by the applicant.

Step 7: Upload

Where we capture payslips, solar quote and any other essential documents from the applicant.

Step 8: Review

Check if everything is correct before formalising the submission.

Step 9: DocuSign Consent

Electronic signature to consent to privacy requirements.

Step 10: Submission Complete

Sit back and wait to hear from our credit team.

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