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Our goal is to get from point A to point B as smoothly as possible. Whatever that looks like for you.

Lead to Payment in 6 steps

1. Calculate approximate repayments (optional)

Our calculator is designed to be quick and easy. We’ve put it everywhere, on our website, on the app store, on google play and of course inside the online portal. There’s an extra cash flow tool for solar vendors as well.

2. Calculate exact repayments (optional)

If you know the some of your customers key details you can see exactly which financier will approve them. If we have those details, we can calculate exact repayments.

3. Submit application (required)

We can do it with the customer, you can do it with the customer or they can do it on their own. Every customer’s preferences are different, but we have avenues to submit an application for all of them.

4. Sign privacy (required)

We use electronic signatures wherever we can. A signed privacy allows us to handle the customers information and go into their credit file. Making it easy is essential.

5. Upload settlement conditions (required)

We’ll usually get all the conditions from the customer’s side, but you have the ability to help out if you need to. We’ll also need some documents from you as a supplier as well.

6. Get paid (REQUIRED)

At this point your job is done. Payment usually takes about 24 hours.

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