About Us

Who we are

Solaris Finance is a specialist provider of energy asset funding. Prior to establishing Solaris, the founder Imraan Thanawalla worked at Macquarie Bank in both the vehicle and equipment finance division, as well as the business banking division. Imraan has a strong passion to play his part in reducing the effects of climate change.

What we do

With a range of partners who are financiers and installers we can help business owners source and finance all types of renewable energy and energy efficient assets. This includes, but is not limited to, solar panels, efficient lighting, and batteries. We can also assist with putting business owners and installers in touch with each other.

What we believe

With looming dangers of climate change everyone has a responsibility to make a difference. We believe you can make a difference by purchasing solar panels, energy efficient lights, batteries and other energy assets. Providing financial solutions to small to medium sized business is how Solaris Finance contributes.

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