About Us
Convenient. Efficient. Honest.
We finance both residential & commercial solar. We aim to do this in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

- Imraan Thanawalla (Managing Director)

Our Team

Imraan, Managing Director

Amay, Head of Engineering

Bernadette, Senior Commercial Broker

Liz, Operations & Accounts

Nam, Developer

Sal, Business Development Associate

Lorie, Residential Broker

Michelle, Commercial Broker

Ria, Residential Contract Support

Charles, Residential Contract Support

Our Vision

In a sentence, to automate the finance process.

For years there hasn’t been much innovation in the equipment finance space.

People just deal with brokers they get along with, there is rarely a point of difference.

At Solaris we aim to change that. Through our market leading tech, approvals that would have taken days, take minutes.

Convenience is the name of the game.

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Our Accreditations

Australian Securities and Investments Commission.


ASIC licences organisations to perform credit activities.


Licence Number: 500758

The Finance Broker Association of Australia.


Australia’s leading Finance Broker Association.


Licence Number: 338682

Australian Financial Complaints Authority.


Independent Resolution Service for Financial Complaints.


Licence Number: 45987

Connective Asset Finance Aggregation Services.


One of Australia’s largest asset finance aggregators.


Licence Number: 58590

Our partners

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