Will a financier accredit me as a supplier?



A common worry with a lot of the suppliers I deal with is whether or not they will get accredited with a financier.


The reason they want to accredit you is because essentially they are the ones “buying” your product.


And like any savvy organisation they will not “buy” a product off any random off the street.


So in any case what do they look at?


Each financier has different criteria. Some are more lenient than others. For this example, we will assume the financier accrediting you is the strictest of the lot.



Sure if you have completed 1000 commercial jobs and have been in the industry 20+ year you won’t have an issue.


Alternatively, your company maybe new.


As long as you can show relevant experience in solar industry you will be in with a shot. Selling, installing, each situation is different.


If you’ve never seen a solar panel in your life and tomorrow want to start selling solar, you won’t have as much luck.



A pretty obvious one.


Do you have an ABN? Whomever is completing the installs, are they CEC accredited?







A financier will want to know that the product you are offering is a certain level of quality.


They don’t want a system falling apart after 6 months.


For example, on panels the easiest way to check this is to see if what you are selling is tier one.


Basically if you are selling no name products, it won’t help your cause.



The MOST important of the lot.


You could be ripping customers off, or not responding to warranty calls, or simply providing bad service.


This will all cause a financier to immediately decline you. Sure people change, but financiers are a pessimistic bunch.




Getting accredited is usually something that people stress a little too much over. If you are confident in your work rest easy. But if you are cutting corners you may have something to worry about.



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