What happens if the details of a system have changed after documents are signed?

You’ve got the finance documents signed before installation.


You go to order the gear and the panels you selected are out of stock.


It makes more sense to change the type of panels you install rather than wait till the ones you originally quoted on come back in stock.


Problem is, you have the contract signed on the old stock.


Can you get away with not getting new docs signed?


Well it depends.


Any finance contract will make reference to the goods that are being financed. But this is done in different ways.


  • All the items are listed out. E.g. 40 x 250kW Panels, 1 x 10kW Inverter etc.
  • The document makes reference to a tax invoice that has the goods listed on it.


In the first scenario you will have to get documents resigned. There’s no way around it. The goods are different to the ones on the invoice so the original document is incorrect.


You can amend the document and get it initialled by the client. But this is generally not preferred as it’s a slippery slope.


In my experience people get a little trigger happy with this and it turns the agreement into a big mess. After all this is a contract at the end of the day, not a kid’s scrapbook.


In the second scenario the document only makes reference to your invoice. So this makes things a lot easier.


You just change your invoice (keeping the invoice number the same) and all will be fine.

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